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                           Here are Links relating to Yoshkar-Ola and Russian Culture.


This agency is a subsidiary of the Youth Union.  Their primary service is e-mail contacts with pen pals.   They are always happy to answer questions and are wonderful folks! katyusha.gif (9353 bytes)
This agency has a wide range of services and is a subsidiary of a large medical company.  They can handle correspondence with or without translation, transportation, money transfers, and other services.  Additionally, they can help speed up the making of internal or external passports as well as other police documents by acting as a liaison between you and the local police.  Their cost is very reasonable and I highly recommend them!! highlove.jpg (13321 bytes)


Vladivostok News
Russia Today
This link is in Russian only
Tartarstan, whose capital is Kazan,  is the semi-autonomous region next to Mari El. Tartarstan on the Net

Resources to view Russian characters on your PC and learn Russian language

Cyrillic at GWU
Russian language courses at the Liden and Denz Russian language school in St.Petersburg
Russian and English Language School, Education abroad, Homestay, Budget travel, Cultural Activities

Russian Religious Culture

Orthodox Christianity, like Catholicism is so different from Protestantism that they are 3 different religions.  You should know the basics of the strange world of Orthodoxy. Internet Christian Orthodox Links

Email and Shipping

Simple mail forwarding with good rates! Fax, Letter, Telegram sending via Internet gate.
Calculate shipping and read restrictions before purchasing those large expensive souvenirs! DHL Russian Federation - Homepage

Train Schedules, etc.

The Federal security structure in Russia Special services of Russia file
Information on most major cities Russian Cities
Great portal offering train, airplane, subway information, and much more. St. Petersburg Russia - St. Petersburg on-line, St. Petersburg Maps, Street Maps, Metro Maps, Port Maps
This is a must read report! INS Reports and Studies
The Consulate General of Ukraine in New York (Ukrainian Consulate)
Even if you speak Russian it is a nightmare to find out where trains are going and how to get tickets.  Here is one town that amazingly is online! Russia - railway tickets online reservation. St.Petersburg, Russia.


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